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A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn (via Connection Agent)

A really naughty, deceptive addition by LinkedIn that should really be disclosed to all users.

A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn Apparently, LinkedIn has recently done us the "favor" of having a default setting whereby our names and photos can be used for third-party advertising. A friend forwarded me this alert (from a friend, from a friend…) this morning. Devious. And I expect that you, like me, don't want to participate. This graphic shows you how to Uncheck The Box (click to biggify): 1. Click on your name on your LinkedIn homepage (upper right corner). On the drop-d … Read More

via Connection Agent

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  • Really interesting @TED talk: Julian Treasure - How To Speak So That People Want To Listen ow.ly/CaIR3 #publicspeaking #ted 12 hours ago
  • @CapMetroATX No. I don’t use Metrorail frequently so was annoyed to learn that I could only get change as credit & 15 day window to use it. 1 day ago
  • There’s something very ‘Portlandia’ about the stampede of yoga enthusiasts in Downtown Austin. #ATX 1 day ago
  • @CapMetroATX Can I use that credit on Metro buses? It is very deceptive to not state that the change will not be given before people pay. 1 day ago
  • Not impressed with @CapMetroATX . Metrorail has raised fares, turned it into a commuter line & machine doesn’t give you change #FAIL #ATX 1 day ago

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