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Google + Stop Motion Filmmaker = One of the Coolest Commercials Around

Ever since watching Nick Park’s Wallace & Gromit films, I have been fascinated with stop-motion animation. There is something so meticulous and painstaking about this style of film that every time you see one, you are left wondering how on earth they made it (no strings attached Thunderbirds fans!).

Patrick Boivin, as his YouTube channel states, is “a French Canadian autodidact director”. The self-taught maestro was recently commissioned by Google to do a commercial for the release of their Nexus One phone. The short film entitled ‘Ninja’s Unboxing’ is kind of like Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’ but with Action Man figures dressed like ninjas. If this sounds a little too weird to be true, check it out:

It’s neat how the ninjas use the phone accessories as weapons whilst subtly reminding us that this is the tech garnish to the main course that is the Nexus One.

Like T-Mobile did with their ‘Life’s for Sharing’ flash mob commercial, Google have studied emerging trends, seen one that is ‘underground’ and dragged it into the mainstream.

If you like what you saw with Patrick, I highly recommend the following artists and links below (enjoy!):

Human Skateboard
Western Spaghetti

Wolf and Pig

A Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

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2 thoughts on “Google + Stop Motion Filmmaker = One of the Coolest Commercials Around

  1. Wallace and Gromit? What about Ray Harryhausen?

    Posted by almosthter | February 22, 2010, 13:01
    • I thought I would use a more contemporary example that people would know. Love Ray Harryhausen’s work and as a thank you for reminding me, here’s a link for people who might not be familiar with him:

      Posted by sneezyhead | February 22, 2010, 13:43

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