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Foursquare – Capturing People’s Imagination

I have only recently started using Foursquare and at first, all I saw were people’s twitter streams filling up with Foursquare updates. What good was that? Then I started to see the value for businesses and as a way to see where your friends were without having to call all of them. When combined with the existing social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter, Foursquare becomes a powerful proposition.

I have just been asked to help organise a Foursquare event with Rosa’s Soho, Why Media and Caffeinehit. We have come together to launch The Foursquare Appreciation Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Facebook. The first event will be called the ‘Foursquare Triple Badge Night Out’.

Anyone attending will have the chance to earn 3 badges – the Swarm badge (50+ people checking in at the same place at the same time – Foursquare’s version of a flash mob), the Crunked badge (checking in four times in a night) and the Player Please badge (check-in with three members of the opposite sex). We see it as a way to make an ordinarily average night, much more compelling for attendees. Instead of staying in one location and trying to co-ordinate everyone, we will simply be adding other locations on Foursquare and Twitter throughout the night.

For people who are unfamiliar with Foursquare, it is a location-based social networking website. To use it, you have to use software on a mobile device and in doing so, you can play the game. Users ‘check-in’ at venues by using apps like Socially or Gravity. A quick search using GPS highlights venues close to your location. You simply click on the one you are at, check-in and then your Facebook/Twitter followers are alerted to where you are. You are then awarded points and sometimes ‘badges’ like these:

If you check-in more times than anyone else at a certain venue, you become the Mayor. You are then entitled to Mayoral discounts. Here is an example of a Foursquare user in the US receiving more than just a discount:
(the sign reads: “Foursquare Mayor Reserved Parking Space”)

Foursquare has also been embraced by social media companies looking for the edge on their competition. FreshNetworks recently partnered with Jimmy Choo to run a real-time treasure hunt through London. This was a really important campaign as there is a real disconnect between online and offline and this was a neat way of allowing the two to converge.
See more here

What are your thoughts on Foursquare?
How can you see it being used by retailers?
What is the coolest use of Foursquare you have seen?
Do you have any other examples of online and offline converging to great effect?

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7 thoughts on “Foursquare – Capturing People’s Imagination

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to see this in action. Me and the rest of the team from Truffle PR will be there to see a little bit of a social media revolution!

    Posted by Ellie Hernaman | August 11, 2010, 18:06
  2. This sounds like great fun, and I’d love to see more of these FourSquare type events.

    Posted by AdFraser | August 11, 2010, 21:09
  3. Are there any new users of Foursquare out there? I would love to hear your feedback on it and successes/frustrations. Which direction can you see it going?

    Posted by David J Lowe | August 13, 2010, 22:33


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