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Why I Joined JCI

For people who are not familiar with JCI, it is the Junior Chamber International. It is a global organization that encourages young people to improve their leadership skills. An annual membership is £96 (£8/month). There are guest lectures, social events, a public speaking and debating academy and national conventions.

My wife introduced me to JCI London and after speaking to a couple of their members, I realised it was a good place to improve myself. It would also be the perfect place to meet like-minded people and entrepreneurs of the future.
Since joining, I am talking with a couple of directors about organizing events combined with social media and location based networks like Foursquare. Having organized a few events recently that proved to be a big success, I am confident I can raise the bar at JCI and do some great things.
Maybe I will find business partners and follow in the footsteps of famous pioneers (Howard Hughes and Bill Clinton have been members).



About David Lowe

Founder / editor at Origin of Cool (www.originofcool.com) and World Sport Bloopers (http://www.worldsportbloopers.com). Talk to me about building online communities, social media, online advertising and cool stuff. Love ping pong!


2 thoughts on “Why I Joined JCI

  1. Hi David, and welcome at JCI.

    I’m sure you’ll have extraordinary and memorable moments through this organisation. I wish you a great experience.

    Be better.

    Posted by NDZULO | October 2, 2010, 00:39

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