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The World’s Best Drummer and Other Extraordinary People

It has always fascinated me to observe people and see so many adopting a herd like mentality. Their rationale:
“Why would anyone want to stand out from the crowd?”
“Why would anyone risk being embarrassed by doing something different?”
“Why be an individual when you can be a team player?”

Yet the simple fact is that there are people out there who don’t understand this way of thinking, or as George Orwell described it in 1984, ‘groupthink’. They are often the ones who realise they and all human beings get one crack at life. As John Lennon said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” They do things not just to be individuals but because they want to show the world that they are alive.

‘The World’s Greatest Drummer’ is a video that blew my mind. I a big fan of drummers but they are the musicians who are normally overlooked at the back of the stage. Like Charlie Watts in the Rolling Stones, many drummers wear a resigned look on their face, giving in to the egos of the lead guitarist and singer. Not this guy:

“Guy Starts Dance Party” is an example of how a leader attracts followers, his following reaches a tipping point, and then explodes to the point where he becomes surrounded by the ‘community’ he has started. There is no rule or law that gives us any indication as to what would happen if somebody tried this right now on say, a platform on the London Underground. Of course, you will have seen countless incidents similar to this where people look at the person trying to do something unusual and shake their heads. This video is for those people.

Two other examples are actually people I encountered in London. The first is a guy I saw perform incredible beatboxing at a trade show at Earl’s Court:

The second was a busker playing on the London Underground and taking his show to the next level:

When was the last time you witnessed a remarkable person?
How did you react?
I would love to hear your comments and feel free to posts links to any videos.


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