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Jeep 2.0

Jeep’s new campaign will put them on the web 2.0 and social networking map.

From June 19, 2011 Jeep will launch their new online portal, called online-people.com. This portal has been dedicated to Jeep owners and admirers who embody the values ​​of Jeep – authenticity, adventure, freedom, passion and uniqueness.

To celebrate their 70th birthday Jeep are giving themselves and their fans Jeep-people.com. Alex Bellini seems to be the poster boy of the campaign and will be challenging himself to run a 5,000 km race across the United States. The adventure of Alex Bellini will be online at www.jeep-people.com the new website dedicated to the Jeep world. Jeep are asking users to share their own aspirations and show their own ‘J-Factor’.

Jeep 70 years of freedom

This convergence of the online and offline experience has triggered Jeep to seek web ambassadors for their brand. Jeep are defining the “off-road” experience with a recruitment initiative that is dedicated to bloggers, asking them to engage their audiences in an ongoing project and to promote active participation.

The campaign will call for these bloggers with J-Factor to publish a post on Jeep’s 70th Anniversary shake-up and to join ‘ Jeep-people’ at http://www.jeep-people.com. Jeep wants to know what gives you your J-Factor. Bloggers will gain visibility on the Jeep’s new social platforms and Jeep-People will have the opportunity to experience your unique experiences.

The new portal looks clean and is a nice idea. For Sneezyhead Siesta to get the ‘J Factor’, it would have to involve jet-skis. Maybe a trans-Atlantic jet-ski endurance race with the winner getting a new Jeep?



Jeep - 70 Years of Freedom

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