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How Will The Office Of The Future Look?

I read an interesting article in FX Design Magazine yesterday that looked at the environments we work in and how they would look in the future.

It is a fact that the space we work in dictates the way we act. If this is the case, why do so many people still work in offices and sit in the same position in front of monitors for approximately 7 hours a day. I work in London and I see a lot of miserable people. Is this perhaps why?

Here is an office for an invention company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t you prefer this to a colourless room with poor lighting and cheap chairs?

For the traditionalists out there who say this is impossible, take a look at the photos again and repeat after me: “IT IS POSSIBLE!” Here are a few other examples of one of the coolest offices in the world:

Tree House Office

Race Track Office

With the introduction of mobile technology, we can work anywhere. There are coffee shops in Shoreditch, London and Austin, Texas that have specific areas that can only be used by workers. If you think about it, this also makes financial sense for a business. Why pay exorbitant rents for a below average office, when you can pay for a few coffees and work in a cool coffee shop with great music. High speed broadband, wi-fi and tablets mean that you can take your presentations with you wherever you go. No more being glued to the desk/chair/monitor.

There are also the health implications. Below is an awesome infographic that looks at how sitting for too long is not only bad for us, it can kill us!

Is anybody trying to break away from the typical office environment?

What are you doing? (Please send me photos and the best ones will be published in a follow-up post)

What are your thoughts on mobile technology?

How are you using it to change the way you work?


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