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Why Pinterest Needs A Customer Service Team Fast

About two months ago, I had just started using Pinterest and had invited people to contribute on the Origin of Cool boards. When a contributor added a few links that I felt didn’t match the category of the boards, I tried to work out how I could delete these pins. After digging deep, no luck.

Pin this Pinterest
So I send Pinterest a help request (in case you find it difficult to find, as I did, here is the process: Click Hover over “About”, click “Help”, at the bottom, click on “Support Page” click on the “Submit a Request” tab, choose what you need help with from the drop down menu, add a subject like “Urgent…”, then a description) asking for help on how to delete these pins. And then I waited. Nothing. I email them another four times. About a month later I get an automated email that congratulates me for joining Pinterest and tells me how to leave my first pin. This despite the fact I was already a member. Someone had not even read my email and replied using a generic response. Not impressed! I email them again telling them to actually read the help requests I send. Here was their second reply:

To delete a Pin, click “edit” on the Pin. hope this helps,
**If this resolves your concern, please do not reply. While we love to hear “thank you”, these messages create more work for us. Thanks for understanding – and happy Pinning.**
(name left out to avoid humiliation)
Pinterest – Community Specialist

So I wait two months to be told “click edit”. Thanks, I’ve been an idiot. Oh yeah, I just clicked edit and everything works fine now. Double rainbow!! Of course, I’m being sarcastic and this reply from a “community specialist” was as much use as pins in my eyes.

So customer service professionals out there, what would you have done in this situation. I would love your thoughts in the comments and when I have enough, I will forward them onto Pinterest in the vain hope that after two months their response will be: “Click edit”!


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Founder / editor at Origin of Cool (www.originofcool.com) and World Sport Bloopers (http://www.worldsportbloopers.com). Talk to me about building online communities, social media, online advertising and cool stuff. Love ping pong!


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